Instructions for Paper Presentation

The technical papers will be presented either as oral lectures or as posters. If your paper has been accepted for oral presentation, please read the section "Instructions for oral presentation" carefully. In case of a poster presentation, please see section

Instructions for poster presentation

in the end of this page.

Instructions for Oral Presentation

A lecture session provides an opportunity to present your work to a large audience in a short time. Because lecture sessions are synchronous in nature and some attendees plan to move through sessions to catch the papers of their interest, we urge you to adhere to the time allocated to you. Since the time available to present your work is rather short, you need to prepare your presentation material with utmost clarity and effectiveness. Please follow the guidelines below to make the lecture sessions successful. If this is your first conference presentation, or you like to remember the things important in the lecture preparation, and presentation please see
General Guidelines for Oral Lecture Preparation.

Supported Media for the Oral Presentation:

There are three alternate media that are supported by the equipment in the rooms: Photographic slides are not supported.

Requirements and recommendations for your own laptop computer

Requirements and recommendations for PowerPoint presentation using the PC equipment in the rooms

No program installations in the PCs in the rooms may be performed. The conference organization has only fixed PCs in the rooms, no laptops can be given out to lecturers.

Requirements and recommendations for transparencies

Instructions for the Poster Presentation

Please make sure that you attach your poster in the board in time. Authors are asked to be available for discussion at their posters at their scheduled time.

Poster boards

Poster boards are available for posters of size (height x width) 145 cm x 115 cm. The surface material of the poster boards is cork. The posters are attached with pins, that are available at the Conference Registration desk.

Please feel free to use a single large poster that fits the board, or to construct the presentation with several smaller sheets of paper.

The poster session will be held on the 2nd floor, in front of room A.

The poster boards are available the whole of Wednesday for sessions PS1 and PS2, the whole of Thursday for sessions PS3 and PS4 and the whole of Friday for sessions PS5 and PS6. The posters should be attached at least 15 minutes before the presentation takes place, and removed the same day after the presentation.

The boards are marked with the session and paper number (e.g., PS3.4, Poster session 3 paper 4), as found in the "ECCTD'01 Final Program".

There will be a poster chairman available 10 minutes before and during each poster session.